Services and Pricing

Audio Mastering

Mastering work typically includes audio level, dynamics, and equalization adjustments; noise & click removal; fades/crossfades; audio restoration; track sequencing & spacing; and metadata encoding.

Two sample tracks will be provided online initially for approval or revisions before we continue on to the remainder of the project and send out an invoice. A reference of the entire project will be provided for evaluation after the invoice has been paid. Revisions to reference uploads may be requested until the project has been approved.

Mastering work is billed based on the total length of the source material in 5 minute blocks (rounded up). Pricing includes revisions and a set of Digital Master Files suitable for Streaming and Downloading. Both 16-bit / 44.1kHz WAV files and High Resolution Audio (HRA) WAV files (that also qualify for the Apple Digital Masters program) are provided.

$150 per 5 minutes of material

$100 per 5 minutes of material


Additional Services

  • Alternate Versions (instrumental, radio edit, alt mix, a cappella, etc.):
    BOB:  $50 per 5 minutes of material (when supplied with main mixes) 
    MATTHEW or GREG:  $35 per 5 minutes of material (when supplied with main mixes)
  • DDP Master for CD manufacturing: $75
  • Vinyl Cutting Master (high resolution files suitable for disc cutting at another facility): $75
  • Cassette Duplication Master (files suitable for cassette manufacturing): $75
  • Hourly and attended mastering rates available upon request

Vinyl Mastering

We cut your Lacquer Masters from the high resolution mastered audio files that you approved, and then ship them to your pressing plant’s electroplating facility via next-day delivery due to the time sensitive nature of the relatively soft lacquer grooves after they’ve been cut.

Lacquer Master Discs

12” 33-⅓ rpm LP : $230 per side
12” 45 rpm Single : $185 per side
10″ :  $165 per side
7″ :  $135 per side

  • Additional charges may apply for excessively long side times – see “Vinyl” page for recommended side lengths
  • Ask about pricing on multi-disc albums

FLAT-CUT (cutting lacquers from audio mastered at another studio) includes material load-in, set-up, spacing, cutting time, and cost of lacquer discs & shipping materials at the prices listed above. Hourly studio rates apply for any additional audio mastering or restoration work needed.


Full payment is required before we will release or upload a full set of Reference Tracks, Final Masters, or any source materials.

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, ACH transfer, Wise, and Wire Transfer. When using PayPal (this does NOT apply to regular credit card transactions), there is an additional 4.25% added to the total to cover PayPal’s fees. An additional charge of $15 applies to Wire Transfers to cover bank fees incurred.

Apple Digital Masters