Services and Pricing


Typically includes audio level, dynamics, and equalization adjustments; noise & click removal; fades/crossfades; audio restoration; and track sequencing & spacing. The approved mastered material will then be used to generate audio files for Digital Distribution & Streaming, a CD Master, and/or to cut a Lacquer Master Disc for vinyl manufacture. See “Production Masters” section below for pricing on these items.

Attended Sessions (band or representative at session, 2 hour minimum charge, around 6 hours is typical for a 40-minute, 10-song album):
$180 per hour; revisions included
$150 per hour; revisions included
$90 per hour; revisions included

Unattended Sessions (tapes or files are dropped-off or uploaded):
$140 per 5 minutes of material to be mastered; revisions included
$110 per 5 minutes of material to be mastered; revisions included
$85 per 5 minutes of material to be mastered; revisions included

So, a 40 minute project will be mastered for $1,120, $880, or $680 depending upon which engineer works on the project.
(For unattended sessions: two sample tracks will be provided online for approval or revisions before we continue on to the remainder of the project and send out an invoice. An upload of the entire project will be provided for approval of levels, eq, spacing, fades, metadata, etc, after the invoice has been paid. There is no charge for revisions (within reason). Excessive additional revisions are billed at the normal studio rate of $180/hour, $150/hour, or $90/hour.)


Often referred to as “parts”, we generate the required production master(s) for each manufacturing or distribution format or media from your approved mastered audio. The creation of each production master part is charged at a flat rate. For vinyl, we can cut the lacquer masters using your approved mastered audio from an outside mastering studio if desired. This is referred to as a “Flat Cut”.

Compact Disc:

Generation, encoding, and testing of CD Master. Also includes UPC/ISRC number & CD-Text encoding. Production masters delivered as a standard DDP-image for Audio CD (CD-DA).

CD Masters:
$75 for DDP-image file and PQ sheet uploaded to CD Pressing Plant, label, and client.

CD Reference Disc:
Two ref CD-Rs for approval of mastering, spacing, and fades are free.
$10 each for any additional reference CD-Rs.

Digital Distribution & Streaming:

Generation, encoding, and testing of mastered audio files (Standard Quality 16-bit, 44.1kHz WAV and  High Resolution 24-bit, 96kHz WAV). We are certified by Apple as an “Apple Digital Masters” approved studio and can provide ADM files upon request.

Digital Distribution & Streaming Masters:
$75 for audio files uploaded to digital distributor, label, and client.


Generation and testing of two mastered digital audio files (Side A and Side B). File format is 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV, unless specified otherwise.

Cassette Masters:
$75 for audio files uploaded to the cassette duplication facility, label, and client.


Flat-cut (cutting of audio already mastered elsewhere) includes material load-in, spacing, cutting time, and cost of lacquer blanks & shipping materials. See lacquer pricing below for flat-cuts.
Hourly studio rates apply for any additional audio mastering work needed (see rates above).

Lacquer Masters:
12″ — $230 per side (ask about pricing on multi disc albums)
10″ — $165 per side
7″ — $135 per side
(Additional charges may apply for excessively long side times, click vinyl button for more info.) 

Lacquer Reference Discs:
12″ — $105 per side
10″ — $80 per side
7″ — $65 per side.

Dub Plates:
12″ — $155 per side
10″ — $80 per side
7″ — $65 per side.

-Shipping costs-

Shipping costs are billed at actual cost (plus packaging if necessary).


Full payment is required before we will release or upload a full set of Reference Tracks, Production Masters, or any source materials.
We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, ACH transfer, Transferwise, and Wire Transfer. When using PayPal (this does NOT apply to regular credit card transactions), there is an additional 4.25% added to the total to cover PayPal’s fees. An additional charge of $35 applies to wire transfers to cover bank fees incurred (this does NOT apply to Transferwise transactions).