Chicago Mastering Service is a full-service analog and digital audio mastering studio. Our 1,400 square foot facility is located on Chicago’s near west side. We offer mastering services for Vinyl, Digital Distribution & Streaming, CD, and Cassette, as well as dub-plate cutting.

Our primary goal is to offer high-quality mastering services to any artist or label from the independent music community through to major label projects. To this end we offer a control room with superb acoustical characteristics, the highest quality equipment and infrastructure, and an empathetic approach to the diverse sonic goals and needs of all musicians.

This site contains information about ourselves, our facility, and our services. If you are interested in booking a session, please look around the site; you can find answers to most questions about pricing and preparation for both attended and unattended sessions. Our “links” page contains a list of active vinyl manufacturers. Additionally you can find some information covering issues such as dynamic range and loudness that are typically addressed during mastering, which we hope will help to facilitate an informed and effective relationship between ourselves and our clients.

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